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Get Lost With The Man With No Sense of Direction

If you have absolutely zero sense of direction you’d better have a cheap place to buy your gas. The Man With No Sense of Direction is the hero of this story and we follow his journey in picking you pastries at the bakery, going on a date, and getting food for his pet bird – all very risky adventures if you get lost every five seconds.

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Lovebombing Halebop to The Stars

The youth oriented mobile operator Halebop spread a rebellious message of love while soaring in both brand strength and sales. The concept was recognised as the most effective long term brand building 2010-2014 and was awarded the 2015 Titanium award for groundbreaking communication.

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Sumo Stability
for Beijer

These unusually large exchange students from Osaka took the Beijer brand straight into the hearts of Sweden's home renovators and professional builders while proving the stability of Beijer’s superior quality building goods.

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Johan The Model For Länsförsäkringar

Länsförsäkringar is one of Sweden’s most loved brands with a portfolio of products and services ranging from banking to insurance to real estate sales. They are locally represented all over Sweden and have an unusually broad and diverse customer base. In order to bring all of this together under one enchanting story, we introduced “Johan The Model”, a young man from the countryside who gets scouted as a model and moves to the city. He may not be in the top intellectual percentile in the country, but he is very very good looking and has a heart of gold. In this low key drama we get to follow Johan, his worried parents living on the farm, his girlfriend, and his model friends as Johan’s modelling career takes unexpected turns and brings about trouble, heartbreak, and happiness.

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Truly Original Sami Content

The Swedish Netflix fighter Viaplay got truly original content with the quirky and heartwarming Stálka family. This indigenous Sami family with it’s small army of ten children embody the brand promise of “Everyone Happy” in the cold wild nature of northern Sweden. The use of Sami-language for all spoken lines with subtitling to local languages elegantly makes this a true pan-nordic concept.

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Sweden’s Most Famous (and Structured) Monkey

The manically structured monkey Alejandro Fuentes Bergström has made his way into the Swedish cultural heritage with his outspoken and sometimes politically incorrect style and manners. More a celebrity than an advertising concept, Alejandro has done everything from promoting debt collection services to interviewing the editor in chief of Sweden’s largest morning newspaper. In 2015 he received a gold record for a song he appeared on with Swedish YouTube-celebrities “Det vet du”. A pretty impressive CV for any monkey.

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