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Honesty Named Sweden’s Most Effective
Long Term Brand Builder in 2014!

Honesty received the 100W-Award for most effective long term brand building
for the transformation of the Halebop brand from 2010-2014.

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Lovebombing Halebop to The Stars

The youth oriented mobile operator Halebop spread a rebellious message of love while soaring in both brand strength and sales. The concept was recognised as the most effective long term brand building 2010-2014 and was awarded the 2015 Titanium award for groundbreaking communication.

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Sumo Stability
for Beijer

These unusually large exchange students from Osaka took the Beijer brand straight into the hearts of Sweden's home renovators and professional builders while proving the stability of Beijer’s superior quality building goods.

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Truly Original Sami Content

The Swedish Netflix fighter Viaplay got truly original content with the quirky and heartwarming Stálka family. This indigenous Sami family with it’s small army of ten children embody the brand promise of “Everyone Happy” in the cold wild nature of northern Sweden. The use of Sami-language for all spoken lines with subtitling to local languages elegantly makes this a true pan-nordic concept.

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Sweden’s Most Famous (and Structured) Monkey

The manically structured monkey Alejandro Fuentes Bergström has made his way into the Swedish cultural heritage with his outspoken and sometimes politically incorrect style and manners. More a celebrity than an advertising concept, Alejandro has done everything from promoting debt collection services to interviewing the editor in chief of Sweden’s largest morning newspaper. In 2015 he received a gold record for a song he appeared on with Swedish YouTube-celebrities “Det vet du”. A pretty impressive CV for any monkey.


Honesty House Rules

Our goal is to create effective communication for our clients. We believe that the most effective way to communicate is through content that people can fall in love with.

We want you to get the best possible return on your investment. Consequently we consider efficiency in everything we do, from creative ideas to management structure.

We go out of our way to keep our staff happy and healthy. That’s how we can attract the best people and make sure they can consistently perform miracles.

Our Services

Over time we have developed a mix of services that we’ve found offers the most synergies.
We describe this mix in what we call The Rainbow Model.



Honesty Sweden’s Second Best Soccer Team
Honesty Sweden’s Second Best Soccer Team

Well… in the Swedish advertising Industry at least. Honesty made it all the way to the finals in the Swedish ad industry’s prestigous Güldbollen Championships where we lost the gold to Sweden’s biggest agency DDB. Some say second place is first loser, we say we try harder.

Premier for Halebop Shortfilm
Premier for Halebop Shortfilm

Bring out the popcorn! Here comes the first short film in the Telephone Kings series for Halebop.

Silver for Viaplay in Epica Awards
Silver for Viaplay in Epica Awards

Our favorite floppy fish flick in our Stálka Family series for Viaplay just won a Silver Epica!

Honesty New Agency for Länsförsäkringar
Honesty New Agency for Länsförsäkringar

We’re super proud to announce that Honesty has been chosen as the new agency for the bank, insurance company and real estate broker Länsförsäkringar. This is one of Sweden’s strongest and most classic brands and we’re just incredibly excited to be part of their journey into the future. Wohoo! 

Double nominations in 100-wattaren for the sumo wrestlers
Double nominations in 100-wattaren for the sumo wrestlers

Our sumo wrestling series for Beijer Byggmaterial received two nominations in the efficiency competition 100-Wattaren earlier today, both in the category B2B as well as B2C. We are very happy that the sumo wrestlers are as powerful in advertising efficiency as they are in the wrestling ring.

Honesty nominated for INGO in 100-wattaren
Honesty nominated for INGO in 100-wattaren

When the unmanned petrol stations JET changed name to INGO, Honesty was hired to communicate this news to the world. We knew it had worked when the client described it as ”a world record” when it comes to success after a name change, and we are off course very happy the jury of 100-wattaren saw the same thing. Go Go!

Honesty Wins Titanium Award!
Honesty Wins Titanium Award!

The 2015 Guldägget Titanium Award, Arguably the most prestigious advertising award in Sweden, goes to Honesty and the client Halebop! We couldn’t be more proud and happy!

New Line Producer To Honesty Studio
New Line Producer To Honesty Studio

The studio keeps growing, and we have now hired an amazing new line producer from one of Sweden’s big television studios. Welcome aboard Josephine!

Walter Naeslund
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Client Director
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Account Director
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Account Manager
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Account Manager
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Account Manager
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Martin Marklund
Creative Director
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Creative Director
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Art Director
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IT Manager
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Digital Producer
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Design Director
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Alejandro Fuentes Bergström
Head of Structure
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